Sore breasts. Hyperacidity. Nausea. Missed period. Sound familiar?

While hubby was out for his training, I visited the drugstore to purchase a pregnancy test. Urinate. Dropped the important liquid for testing. Excitedly, I waited for 2 minutes for the result. One, two purple bands. It's positive.

I took a seat and stared at the 3-inch miracle tester. I'm gonna be a mommy. Oh my, I'm gonna be a mommy!

I tried my best not to inform hubby of the result while he's not yet home. After almost two hours, I spilled the good news.

We are so happy for this blessing. We prayed to God to thank Him and asked for his guidance for our soon-to-be bundle of joy.

Baby, mommy and daddy will take good care of you. We love you.


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