Growing Waistline

I checked my waistline earlier. And guess what? It's now at 33 and 1/2 inches! My baby is growing! I love it.

Baby at 5 Weeks and 6 Days

Here are the ultrasound photos of our baby at 5 weeks and 6 days.

Anmum, Folic Acid and Music

My OB, Dr. Agnes Tucay advised me to have the following items in my life now that I have an 8 week old baby inside me:

1. Anmum -- Dr. Tucay said I can take Anmum or any kind of milk so I could have enough calcium and protein in my diet. A friend of mine advised me earlier that during her pregnancy, she didn't like how Anmum tasted. I took her advise and looked for a chocolate-flavored Anmum instead. The box suggested it to be taken with cold water, I did try it but the powder did not mix well with water. Also, it tasted like sustagen minus the sweetness. I later on found out that it was best to add some sugar and drink it using warm water.

2. Folic Acid -- Folic acid prevents neural defects on infants. We get folic acid from citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables and some nuts but not all is being absorbed by our body. Thus, pregnant women need to take supplements. I got a warning from my OB that I may not like taking folic acid supplements when I feel nauseated. She said that I can take it anytime of the day as long as I take one per day. After taking folic acid capsules for a few days, I can conclude that it made me feel acidic and a bit dizzy. Good thing I take the supplements when I'm about to sleep.

3. Music -- Studies have shown that babies inside the womb of a mother is stimulated by music. Dr. Tucay told me that I can play music near my womb since it can already create impression for the baby. I love music so no problem for me listening (and singing) to music.

Baby's First Heart Beat

Last Wednesday, Hubby and I went back to World Citi for our scheduled lab tests. We got there before 10AM and proceeded to the OR for my transvaginal ultrasound.

The nurse gave me a green gown and slippers to use and we went to the labor room so I can take a pee before going to the IE room. She asked me to lie down on the bed and wait for the doctor. The doctors came and setup the machine and went out. I waited for 30 minutes.. an hour.. 2 hours.. sheez.. ang tagal..

During the wait, the doctors and nurses were very apologetic for the delay. They said that there were too many patients. I was the first in the line and there are 5 more women waiting outside for their turns.

A doctor came in and introduced herself as Dr. Calo. She inserted in my vagina the ultrasound tool. It hurt at first but I was more interested in what she's seeing in the monitor. She tilted the monitor to my view and asked me, "Nakikita mo ba yung pumipintig na yan?" I said yes. She continued, "Yan ang heart nya. May heartbeat na sya." WOW. I am witnessing for the firt time my baby's heartbeat. Super COOL...

After my ultrasound, I met my husband at the OR door (as he had been waiting for more than 2 hours at the waiting area) and we went down to the laboratory. I submitted my urine specimen and while my blood was taken out, Honey went to Ministop to buy me food.

Tiring, hurtful but amazing experience. Soon-to-be-mom and Soon-to-be-dad are very happy.

First Pre-natal Checkup

Hubby and I went to World Citi Medical Center last Tuesday to have my first pre-natal checkup. After waiting for an hour, we met my Obstetrician, Dr. Agnes Sabado-Tucay. Dra was very accommodating and very concern about my pregnancy. She advised me have a pre-natal work up which includes blood typing (since I don't know what my blood type is), urinalysis and CBC. She also advised me to have a transvaginal ultrasound so we can determine the fetal age of my baby. After going thru these tests, we'll go back to Dr. Tucay on Saturday.

Here's the breakdown of our expenses:

Transvaginal ultrasound - Php2276
CBC - Php402
Blood Typing - Php499
Urinalysis -Php234


Sore breasts. Hyperacidity. Nausea. Missed period. Sound familiar?

While hubby was out for his training, I visited the drugstore to purchase a pregnancy test. Urinate. Dropped the important liquid for testing. Excitedly, I waited for 2 minutes for the result. One, two purple bands. It's positive.

I took a seat and stared at the 3-inch miracle tester. I'm gonna be a mommy. Oh my, I'm gonna be a mommy!

I tried my best not to inform hubby of the result while he's not yet home. After almost two hours, I spilled the good news.

We are so happy for this blessing. We prayed to God to thank Him and asked for his guidance for our soon-to-be bundle of joy.

Baby, mommy and daddy will take good care of you. We love you.